Airbloc Airbloc (ABL)


So how do I get to see the products I searched on ads? Your personal information such as search history, location, app installs are being compromised at this moment. Some apps even illegally monetize personal data to advertising agencies. But sadly, to the data owner, nothing is rewarded in return. Submit your interest data on AIRBLOC via AIRBLOC Main Client Service. When this data is sold to advertisers and used at AIRBLOC Data Marketplace, rewards will be given to users. With more data provided, and with better data quality, there will be greater rewards returned to users. Ads are displayed according to user’s interest data, and AIRBLOC can offer various ad configuration settings. Advertisers can reach out to those who might actually be interested in its products and/or services. At the same time, users will view preferred ads as a useful type of information.

Category: ❖Machine Learning & AI
Hype: Low
Rating: 3.0/10
Project Type: Token
Platform: Ethereum
Location: Singapore
Soft Cap: 7,000 ETH
Hard Cap: 20,000 ETH
ICO Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 ABL
Accepting Currency: ETH
Restricted Countries: USA, North Korea, China
KYC: Yes
Whitelist: Yes

Start Date

May 21st 2018 00:00 UTC

Days Hours Minutes Seconds

End Date

June 1st 2018 00:00 UTC

Days Hours Minutes Seconds


Roi Nam

& Co-founder

Wonkyung Lyu

Dev Team Lead
& Co-founder

Hunjae Jung

Back-end Part Lead
& Co-founder

Naeun Kim

Design Team Lead
PM & Co-founder

Hyojun Kim

Blockchain Engineer
Full stack Developer

Byeongsu Hong

Software Engineer

Woojung Kim

Part Lead

Jaewan Lee

Software Engineer