Asura Coin Asura Coin (ASA)


Asura World is the World’s first self-sustainable eSports platform, powered by NEO. Asura World aims to unite the global eSport community by incentivizing users to simply be kind & helpful towards others. Asura World aims to provide in-depth game analyses to guide players through the intricate details of professional gameplay. This will include teaching professional decision-making processes, winning strategies, item-builds, skill-builds, situational advice, and so on. Asura Coins used within the ecosystem flow within it, fueling other parts of the ecosystem where necessary. Asura Coin holders can bet, stake, be rewarded, pay, and earn within the platform.

Category: ❖Gambling & Betting
Hype: Low
Rating: 4.0/10
Project Type: Token
Platform: Ethereum
Location: New Zealand
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 ASA
Hard Cap: 12,000,000 USD
ICO Price: 1 NEO = 5,000 ASA
Accepting Currency: NEO
Restricted Countries: USA, China
KYC: Yes
Whitelist: Yes
Fund Distribution:
  • 60% Development - This portion will be allocated directly to development work on the Asura World platform. This includes hiring and growing the development team to accelerate development to a level which can meet or exceed the roadmap goals.
  • 10% Legal - Asura World will obtain the appropriate legal advice to ensure that we are consistently operating in accordance with the laws and regulations of all jurisdictions in which we conduct business.
  • 5% Security - We will be taking all necessary steps to ensure that optimal security standards are followed.
  • 25% Marketing - The marketing budget allows for the digital marketing team to deliver sponsorships, promotional events, tournaments, partnerships, and social media advertising to scale the platform user base

Start Date

June 1st 2018 00:00 UTC

Days Hours Minutes Seconds

End Date

July 1st 2018 00:00 UTC

Days Hours Minutes Seconds


Peter Shen

CEO / Co-Founder

Eman Abdollahi

COO / Co-Founder

Haoyang Feng

CTO / Technical Lead

Nathan Frater

Marketing Manager / Growth Strategist

Steven Ngov

Web Developer / Digital Specialist

Dang Tie Peng

Blockchain Developer / Huawei Nanjing

Kang Ji Hye

UI/UX Developer / eSport Content Creator

Huang Pan Ding

Betting Odds Statistician / ZTE Nanjing