Automotive eXchange Token Automotive eXchange Token (AXT)


DASHUB has identified several areas of its core business that can be enhanced through the use of blockchain technology. Each example (which they refer to as “Use Cases”) are mentioned below and are described in detail in the Whitepaper. Both their core business and their existing consumer base--currently 250,000+ members strong--will have immediate access to the platform through the use of DASHUB’s website, integrated wallet, and API. This business and consumer activity will drive the initial value and utility of the Automotive eXchange Token (AXT).

Category: ❖Platform
Rating: 5.2/10
Project Type: Blochchain
Platform: Ethereum
Location: USA
Total Supply: 620,000,000
Soft Cap: 3,800 ETH
Accepting Currency: ETH

Start Date

May 12th 2019 08:57 UTC

Days Hours Minutes Seconds

End Date

May 12th 2019 08:57 UTC

Days Hours Minutes Seconds


Max Kane


Matthew Weitzman


Michael Lederman


Bret Beyer

DASHUB President

Tamara Friend

DASHUB VP of Operations

Stan Johnson

DASHUB VP of Sales

David Fugit

DASHUB Director of Marketing

Nicholas Liappas

Blockchain Director

Josh Wilcox

Chief Strategy Officer

Robert Llompart

Business Development

Alex Casassovici

Blockchain Architect

Denis Moshentsev

Project Manager

Nick Petrov

Smart Contract Engineer

Andriy Doroshonko

dApp Engineer

Cody Dietz

Product Development

Harun Kadribegic

Community Manager

Mridul Biswas

Sr. Web Engineer

Full Stack Developer


Douglas Lyons

Allen Shayanfekr

Erik Rind

Harry Croydon

Guy Kathe

Scott Milner

David Harrison

Santo Chiarelli

Kevin O'Connell

Steven Verska

Atanu Sarkar

Joseph Steinberg

Bill Caan

Dr. Gordon Jones