Bettium Bettium (BETT)


Bettium is an analytical blockchain platform for peer-to-peer betting,empowering users with a variety of innovative capabilities,as well as unprecedented flexibility and reliability, all with lowest fees possible. Bettium provides users with simple and efficient tools such as the built-in AI that analyzes Big Data and allows users to make educated decisions. Those who prefer to rely on expertise of professionals will be able to subscribe to specialized forecasts, mimic their bets or even completely entrust funds to an expert for a small fee.

Category: ❖Events & Entertainment
Hype: Low
Rating: 4.0/10
Project Type: Token
Platform: Ethereum
Location: Estonia
Total Supply: 550,000,000
Soft Cap: 7,500,000 USD
Hard Cap: 30,000,000 USD
ICO Price: 1 BETT = 0.05 USD
Accepting Currency: BTC, ETH
Restricted Countries: USA, Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea
KYC: Yes

Start Date

June 1st 2018 00:00 UTC

Days Hours Minutes Seconds

End Date

October 1st 2018 00:00 UTC

Days Hours Minutes Seconds


Ben Marrel


Nathan Hunt


Brian Bellerose

Chief Legal Officer

Ron Lewin

Business and Technology Strategy Executive Manage

Sheldon Bennett

Blockchain Analyst

Alice Douglas

Investor Relations & Community Manager

Edgard Luque

Full Stack Developer

Alex Kamilov


Dan Hunt

Software Engineer

Yuri Proshin



Peiwei Ni

Alexandru Radulescu

Gary Fowler

Maury G

Kirsten Roy-Reid

Ken Cheung

Gi Nam Lee

Tomasz Chojecki

Matt Finnigan