CSAToken CSAToken (CSAT)


CS Agent is an application which can help relevant people who are real estate brokers. Moreover, the application can increase efficiency of real estate investment, and immediately make profits for CSAT token investors such as hotels and condominium.They can confidence on trading that all relevant people about the property will receive “Fairness and Benefit” equally and explicitly. As the results, the operator do not fall victim to swindlers, do not lose money with no reason, save time and money, be more comfortable and increase trading, and be able to operate trading quickly.Moreover, the application can increase efficiency of real estate investment and immediately make profits for CSAT token investors such as hotels and condominium. Real estate speculation by using real estate trading platform that no organisations in this world has performed to get trading behaviour before. This can help us to analyse real estate investment accurately, and to be beneficial for dividend for our investors.Also, to grow up in every dimension for investors to make profits from CSAT.

Category: ❖Real Estate
Hype: Very Low
Rating: 1.0/10
Project Type: Token
Platform: Ethereum
Location: Thailand
Total Supply: 20,000,000
Hard Cap: 15,000,000 CSAT
ICO Price: $1 = 1 CSAT
Accepting Currency: ETH
Fund Distribution:
  • Our investment proportion is separated for 5 parts to organise structure cover front and back of income generation system for the users and our investors as the following.
  • 1. 40% for Development and support the application, data and hardware system. This make the efficient performance and continuously development.
  • 2. 30% Marketing, we pay attention to marketing to establish reliability, campaigns, promotions, and recognition of users and investors. This make all activities perform excitingly, continuously and forever.
  • 3. 15% Integration Server Connectivity and Auditing. to focus on the checking systems of Hardware & Software and allow connecting perform continuously when Preventive & Breakdown Maintenance occur.
  • 4. 10% Law, when the business is more extender, we focus on cautious about law for smooth, secure performance in all processes.
  • 5. 5% Others, for general performance which might be relevant with the performance such as bonus for employees To encourage them, or any trading contacts for its stability.

Start Date

March 1st 2018 22:00 UTC

Days Hours Minutes Seconds

End Date

April 30th 2018 21:59 UTC

Days Hours Minutes Seconds


Prathan Nuntavech

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ekaluck Sukroengrit

Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Paitoon Kijpayak

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Adisorn Phuangjaree

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer


Founder & Chief Relationship Officer

Kitipong Suksuthakun

Technical Officer & IT Programmer

Prasert Phitwongthewan

Law Team