Multra Multra (MTT)


Millions of people read news on a daily basis. The MulTra News App pays readers for reading news. At the same time, news publishers earn substantial revenues. The news industry is in decline. While music and movie distributors like Spotify and Netflix have established successful subscription-based revenue models, news publishers did not replicate their success yet. MulTra Tokens ensure news content monetization. The MulTra News App is a blockchain-powered news aggregator that uses AI to consolidate news based on readers' interests into an all-in-one, personalized experience. Mass adoption of MulTra Token is ensured because it’s the first cryptocurrency for millions of people entering the crypto world for the first time by simply reading news.


Category: ❖Art & Music
Hype: Very High
Rating: 5.0/10
Project Type: Token
Platform: Ethereum
Location: Germany
Total Supply: 400,000,000
Hard Cap: 24,000,000 EUR
ICO Price: 1 MTT = 0.06 EUR
Accepting Currency: Ethereum
KYC: Yes
Whitelist: Yes
Fund Distribution:
  • The corresponding 25% of 777 BINGO tokens distributed to the BINGO team are to be restricted by a long-term ownership timetable.
  • The rules for the lifting of bans are as follows: 500,000,000 777 BINGO tokens 20% will be lifted from the ban one year after private placement.
  • 1,000,000,000 777 BINGO tokens 40% will be lifted from the ban two years after private placement.
  • 1,000,000,000 777 BINGO tokens 40% will be lifted from the ban three years after private placement.
  • At this point all 777 BINGO tokens will be lifted from the ban and will be freely available to the BINGO team.

Start Date

June 9th 2018 00:00 UTC

Days Hours Minutes Seconds

End Date

July 9th 2018 12:00 UTC

Days Hours Minutes Seconds


Onik Mia

CEO & Founder

Veronika Tinnis

COO & Co-Founder

Deniz Daskin

CIO & Co-Founder

Thang Nghiem

Lead Developer

Q Ladraa

Experience Advisor

Saif Qazi

Chief Strategy Officer

Valentina Núñez

Team Assistance


Kay-Michael Schanz

Martin Bartels

Burkhard Bonsels

Jo Groebel

Martin Ledvinka

Uwe Jörß

Simon Hentschel

Susanna Ingalls