Lightstreams Lightstreams (PHT)


Lightstreams has a transaction throughput 4x faster than EOS and supports application state changes that are finalised within 3 secs. Lightstreams’ Smart Vault is a compliant decentralised storage solution. Data is accessed on a need-to-know basis and can be erased forever. Control is always in the hands of the data owner, which means it is GDPR & CCPA compliant by default. Lightstreams allows application creators to bear the costs of running their applications instead of the users, enabling freemium usage models (try before you buy). Lightstreams’ governance model supports sustainable decentralisation by serving the people of the network first & foremost.

Category: ❖Platform
Rating: 8.8/10
Project Type: Blochchain
Location: Estonia
Total Supply: 165,000,000
Restricted Countries: USA, China
KYC: Yes
Whitelist: Yes

Start Date

May 12th 2019 09:23 UTC

Days Hours Minutes Seconds

End Date

May 12th 2019 09:23 UTC

Days Hours Minutes Seconds


Michael Smolenski


Lukas Lukac

Blockchain Engineer

Aleix Suau

Frontend Engineer

John Bettiol

Executive Director

Andrew Zappella

Executive Director

Gabriel Garrido

Blockchain Engineer

Sandra Newhook

In-house Legal Counsel

Lisann Ve Schalhorn

PR & Marketing

Juan Wen

Business Relations (China)

Annika Soom

Legal Counsel

Edi Gil

Design Lead


Chris Moore

Dimitri De Jonghe

George Samman

Andrew Masanto

Nick Brown

Anthony Lewis

Happy Walters