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Ranking Method



  • We review the team members by analyzing their social media accounts through reviewing tweets/followers/comments to determine the legitimacy of the account and the followers it has. We review if the followers have been bought and if the traffic has been faked.
  • We research if the current team members have worked on previous projects and the level of their expertise within the blockchain.
  • We analyze the current owners on Twitter/Facebook/etc, to determine if it’s a stock image or if the account is real.



  • We look at the ICO idea and analyze if the product is realistic and if the goals are clearly stated and achievable.
  • We analyze the web traffic/ranking and the site creation date to remove as many potentially scam ICO's as possible.
  • We review the source code both of the site and coin/token, to determine if the code/site was plagiarized from another ICO.
  • We do a full detailed review for plagiarism analysis to determine if it was used by another ICO in the past.


Project Transparency

  • We review and analyze the activity of the ICO on twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Telegram, BitcoinTalk and other popular major social media sites
  • We review and analyze the code creation on Github to see how long the account existed and how active they are with their project/brand
  • We research if the team or the ICO has previously pumped their own coin.
  • We keep a 24/7 communication open with all of our ICOs to determine when and which exchange they are being listed on.
  • If no date/time is provided to us we will evaluate their chance of a successful listing on exchanges.



  • We analyze and determine if the token is a utility, security, or equity.
  • We review the legal standing of the ICO within their state/country, to determine if they can continue to operate without any problems.
  • We review the token/coins that the team holds, their lockup rate/period and the total hardcap of the ICO.
  • We also review the security measures that the ICO has in place to prevent hacking/phishing attacks.
  • We review any and all possible Code Audits and Financial Audits done by the 3rd party. The importance of audits from an OUTSIDE source, are heavily reviewed, and can impact the rating very significantly.